Whitefish #1 Ski Town for Real Estate Investment

June 2, 2015 • Blog, News/Updates  | By: Linda Chauner

My reaction? DUH!!! Western Home Journal’s Spring Edition lists Whitefish as the #1 Ski Town in the Western states for investment based on 9 determining factors including overall awesomeness (they said that’s a word!). Here’s the link for the article: http://westernhomejournal.com/2015/02/ski-town-rankings-whitefish/ Here is what I know first hand–people can’t find places to rent in Whitefish! It’s crazy. My youngest has a couple years left in college and now that I can see the end of that financial support for her, I am meeting with several banks to determine the best financing terms so that I can purchase my first investment property. We have all kinds of options. What do you look for? A good deal. How do you find a good deal? Call me:)