Kalispell is considered the “hub” of the Flathead Valley. While Columbia Falls and Whitefish are smaller more initimate communities, Kalispell hosts the highest population (about 22,000 people) and much of the retail, professional, medical and govenmental community which serves as the center for the approximately 90,000 in the Flathead Valley area.

It is located about 15 minutes from both Whitefish and Columbia Falls and approximately 30 minutes from Glacier National Park. Obvioulsly Kalispell has more of a city feel to it compared to Whitefish and Columbia Falls and offers many different neighborhoods.

For those looking for more remote and less expensive real estate options, the neighboring cities of Marion, Kila and Creston are good options.

Please use the links below to find out more about the City of Kalispell, it’s government and school system.

School District 44